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Saddam to Hang by Tim

Saddam Hussein's verdict has made me think. Just like many people, I am wondering if hanging Saddam would be a wise thing to do. In my opinion, Iraqis are really really suffering. Having seen first hand what war can do to a nation (especially to the many innocents citizen) I can figure what it is exactly like for the people of Iraq. Saddam's sentence has also challenged my own perception of how I want justice to be carried out wicked against leaders who have oppressed us so heavily. I mean, even those who put me in jail and tortured me. Up until now, I thought hanging or killing them would be perfect justice. But the Saddam's saga makes me not to be sure now.

And so my wish and prayer for Iraq is that they unite. Anything that can possibly help tear this country apart, in my humble opinion, is to be avoided at all cost. I think, for the current situation in Iraq, Wisdom not justice at first needs to avail. It is believed by many that Mandela's wisdom paved a way for a prosperous South Africa, not brutal justice.

Perhaps the situations are different from what's going on with Saddam's Iraq and what has happened in the DR Congo, my Country. But as the BBC highlighted Saddam's career, I realized that he spent 30 years in power oppressing his people. Mobutu spent more of the same number of years inflicting terror and dictatorship on the people of the Congo. This brought me to think that we in the Congo and our friends in Iraq have had to journey the same path for almost the same period.

But coming back to Saddam's verdict, I think there seem to be just a lot of injustice going on all over place (especially with situation in the Middle East - the latter only chosen because that's what people seem to be aware of or even interested in) and that seems to make even the Saddam verdict look unjust.
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posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 7:30 pm

I still don't know what is your oppinion about capital punishment?
you have mentioned that hangging the torturer is perfect justice and when it comes to Saddam you are saying situation in Iraq and middel east maks his verdict look unjust.
long time a go I was beleved that all torturer and ditator should be hanged but now after many years living in a civilise sosiety I think capital punishment under any
situation is wrong and it cannot deliver any justice to anyone.
many thanks Mark Hill    

posted by Blogger Tim Malmo at 2:53 pm

Hello Mark,
Many thanks for your comment.
And I think that what I really mean is that there is no wisdom in killing Saddam as it stands now. Also, just like you, I do not believe in capital punishment. Trouble is, that was never the case for me when it came to people who have brutally and inhumanly tortured or killed fellow humans.    

posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 1:01 pm


This is only a partially formulated thought, but essentially I think justice is not merely, or even mainly, in the act, but in the doing. We feel justified, not because of the concrete punishemt or remedy but in seeing a just agent, be it the government, a wise and powerful figure, or whatever, act to restore justice. I think most people wouldn't descibe the occupation government or Iraq as such an agent.


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