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What is Lots of Big Ideas?

Big ideas usually start small. Lots of Big Ideas grew out of one very small idea: that it might be possible to create a space in which people who feel that they don't have a voice can finally tell their stories.

Why do I feel that this is important? Well, firstly I believe passionately that the process of writing can help us to make transformations in our lives. By putting things into words, by making a story or a poem out of our experiences, difficult things often become more manageable. In the process of writing, we might come to see things differently. We might discover things about ourselves and others that we didn't know before.

Secondly, I believe that there are many people in the world right now whose stories are never heard. Among these are the people who have been displaced from their countries as a result of conflict, or who have been forced to leave their homes, families, jobs and identities in order to seek safety from persecution.

These people very often don't get a chance to share their stories with anyone. I can't imagine how this must feel. I also can't imagine how terrible it must feel to tell your story to someone only to have them treat you with suspicion, or to have your story misrepresented by someone who doesn't understand you and isn't willing to try.

Perhaps you are one of these people and you'd like to use this space to write something about your experiences. Perhaps you are the friend or colleague or neighbour of someone who has a story to tell.

Maybe, like me, there's simply something you'd like to say to the world about how it makes you feel to live in a society which, very often, refuses to listen to the voices of displaced people.

Do you already have a blog that you can link to this one? Would you like to know how to start a blog so that you can tell your own story? Or would you like to contribute to this one with your big ideas? Maybe, if there are enough of us, others will begin to listen. Please get in touch.
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