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Crimson moon

Saturday, March 03, 2007
I've just been looking out of the little window in the roof above my desk, here in North Yorkshire. The sky is full of stars... and there is a beautiful moon, like a perfectly round pearl, turning from pink to red.

And I'm thinking that here on the night side of the earth there must be millions of people who have stopped whatever they are doing just to look up at this eclipsed moon.

Sure enough, a quick Google search shows live web cams from moon watchers in Iran, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Argentina and Georgia, USA.

In Iran it's called mah; in China it is yuet; and in Tutsi it is mwezi.

At risk of sounding naive, it just strikes me in this moment, as I breathe out under the open window, that there are simply no reasons for us to feel different from one another. Just like our ancestors before us, we're all moon worshippers.