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Poems for the Waiting Room

Now in Kurdish, Greek, Turkish, Bengali, Romanian, Chinese.

A brilliant big idea because wouldn't some of these quietly reflective poems make you feel just that little bit better if you came across them in your local surgery, hospital or dentists'?

I like the fact that this year there are new poems in translation including 'Acceptance' from Choman Hardi. And I like this by Greek poet Yannis Ritsos:


She opened the shutters. She hung the sheets
over the sill. She saw the day.
A bird looked at her straight in the eyes.
'I am alone,' she whispered.
'I am alive'. She entered the room. The mirror
too is a window.
If I jump from it, I will fall into my arms.'
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posted by Blogger Stranger Ken at 9:44 pm

I've only just discovered your blog, but have found it very interesting, in particular and as someone who writes poetry, this piece about poetry of other cultures in translation, something we need a great deal more of. I hope you won't mind my having placed a link to you in the sidebar of my own blog, to which you'd be a very welcome visitor if you can find the time!    

posted by Anonymous Onyeka Nwelue at 6:35 pm

It is really amazin' in a sense

Thanks for such a wonderful blog    

posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 11:24 am

Over the past year, a title dispute with Hyphen 21 has involved PitWR in both time and trouble. Hyphen 21, a charity run by Rogan Wolf, a social service officer, launched a poetry project under the title Poems for the Waiting Room, backed by substantial funding from the Arts Council. PitWR were legally advised that the title adopted by Hyphen 21 and connected actions, including the posting on the Poetry Society web pages, a pretense stating 'for further information about Poems in the Waiting Room go to' Hyphen21 hypertext link, potentially constituted unlawful passing-off and copyright infringement. Following a formal agreement between the trustees of the two charities, Rogan Wolf has now re-launched under a generic name, and states "I hope our own change of title will help off-set any confusion there has sometimes been over the earlier similarity of names." His comment concedes the grounds of PitWR's complaint and hopefully may end the troublesome dispute unfortunately inflicted upon Poems in the Waiting Room.

Editor Poems in the Waiting Room    

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