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Calling all translators, editors, publishers and Farsi-speakers

Friday, May 05, 2006
LOBI needs to get in touch with translators, editors and publishers who are interested in working with our writers .

Many of the writers with work featured on the LOBI wiki have so much more to say, but we don't have the resources or contacts to get more of their words and stories translated into English.

Equally, we need to hear from Farsi speakers who might be willing to help digitise some of their existing work and get it online.

If anyone out there can help us to get these important stories - stories about what it's like to experience persecution, exile and asylum - to the people who most need to hear them please, please contact me at: sophienicholls@hotmail.com.

We would be so grateful!

We Media 2006 adopts Lots of Big Ideas

Thursday, May 04, 2006
I like the principles behind the We Media forum to encourage a more collaborative and democratic media, and I applaud Reuters for getting involved with the excellent organisation(?), movement(?), collection of contributors and ideas that is Global Voices.

OK, here's an opportunity for a couple of media giants to jump on an enormous re-branding and PR bandwagon but, equally, it's an opportunity for them to actually put something back, contribute something, make a real difference to the range of voices that get heard and listened to in this increasingly noisy world. So let's encourage them - and watch them - every step of the way.

Mind you, I do think it was a bit cheeky of them to pinch the term 'Big Ideas' for their conference programme:

"Big Idea 1: Media and the Connected Society

Big Idea 4: The Democratisation of Media

Big Idea 5: A Global Call to Action"

But then I guess it just means that they've been reading Lots of Big Ideas, so that can only be good...